1 Years' Activities in 1 Hour & Conducting Sheet

In 2015 I decided I wanted to plan an entire year of activities in one day.  Based on the goals of keeping RS Midweek Meetings "Simple, Special (fun) & Spiritual"  I came up with a recipe for to plan meetings for each quarter that looks like this:

Month 1: Discussion Night   (Basically pick any topic you want and make a night around it) 
"Testimony Tales!" -we sat in a circle and shared our conversion stories-- it was great getting to know one another better and everyone got to share, be uplifted and of course have refreshments FIRST!
 "An Answered Prayer" - tell a story about a time your prayer was answered-- so many great stories and a heartfelt and fun night!
"Scripture Power" --share your favorite scripture and why--  again, having all the ladies who come share.
"Song of the Heart" -- Ladies can each talk about their favorite hymn and depending on time you could sing them, or just a first verse or line of each.

Month 2: Homemaking/Friend shipping Theme  (Pick a Topic that the ladies can all bring something from home to share)
"Talent Night"-- 10 min speaker on the parable of the 10 talents, then have ladies bring an item to display on a table that represents their talent, then go around the room and the ladies share in 2-3 min about their item & talent.
"Quilt Night" - Ladies bring a quilt to display. 10min speaker on history of quilting.  Ladies share 2-3 min about the quilt they brought, who made it etc.
"Around the world" -- Ladies bring an item from their travels to display,  Speaker (we got a returned missionary sister to speak on loving the people where she served), then the sisters get 3 min to share about the item they brought.

Month 3: The Big Fat Activity
Spring: RS Birthday Party
Summer: Ice Cream Social at the Bishops House (or Smore's night or somewhere depending on your ward)
Fall: Some wards do Super Saturday but personally I kind of hate don't love it, because organizing it is NEVER simple!
-OR the stake may have a Stake Womens' Activity so we forego the ward midweek meeting that month.
--The September Activity is changed to the RS Broadcast the weekend before conference.  We meet at the church 30 min before the broadcast for treats and socializing.
Winter: The RS Christmas Party! See what we did in 2014,  & 2015 here.

In 2016 I decided to add a short "Minute to Win It" game at each activity, I want the ladies to feel the spirit, friendship-- and laugh!

Once I've assigned each activity to a month, I fill out with the committee this planning and conducting sheet:

*I also add thank you to the refreshment bringers if we had a sign up.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I particularly like the Assignment sheet and Conducting sheet, they will be a big help for me in organizing our meetings.