Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November Relief Society Midweek Meeting: Around the World

Who doesn't love talking about their trips??!  

In my ward we  always have refreshments first:-)
The plan for the activity is as follows:

6:30 Bless Refreshments/Socializing
7pm Start Program.

It works out perfectly, since not everyone can make it at 6:30, so the program is at 7pm.  When we used to have refreshments at the end, people would have to leave and miss them, so it just made sense to start them off at the beginning.

at 7pm we have an opening song to start off the program portion of the night.  

We decorated with a big map and some flag banners around the room.   The map was great to reference where all the ladies had been.  We set up a table on the side of the room (not pictured) for ladies to display their travel items on.

Part 1: Speaker for 10 min
We started out the evening with a sister who was a returned missionary from Chicago Spanish speaking mission and she talked about her experience on a mission and loving the people she served.

Part 2: Sharing Time
Then each sister that brought an item from a trip to display had 3-5 minutes to tell everyone about their item (or items!)  It was a very fun night, and people were able to get to know each other better and fellowshipping went on after hearing an insight into everyone's lives.  Our president even brought her scrapbook and shared when she just happened to be in the right place at the right time, about 10 steps away from the Queen of England!

We had a couple sisters sign up to bring refreshments.
Lots of fun and bonding was had that night.

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