Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Relief Society Midweek Meeting- Organize Your Life

This Activity was what I like to call a trifecta.  We had 3 speakers.  In hindsight I would stick to one speaker, and follow my new (2016) format of 1 10 min speaker (about how the Lord's house is house of order, etc. for the spiritual aspect), followed by each sister sharing an organizing tip they do at their home, then have a game.  

With 3 speakers it was very important to tell people they have less time than they actually have because people tend to go over, 10 min each would've been fine.  Because honestly, unless it's 1 speaker that's really good that talks for 20 min, there doesn't provide much "fellowshipping" time among the sisters.
My emphasis on "fellowshipping/friend shipping" is based on what President Hinckley said every new member needs -- a calling, a friend & (something else I can't remember.) I've always felt like my ward is my family wherever I'm at,  and midweek meetings might be the only time some sisters have to get to know newly moved in sisters or just sisters you don't know well, since there's practically no time to visit on Sunday.   So that's my 2 cents on the subject:-)