How my Attitude Changed About Midweek Meetings

2014 Ward RS Presidency

About 8 years ago when I moved to Ohio I was in the primary presidency.  I remember sitting at the meetings getting ready to plan some primary activities back when they did quarterly activities. The ladies had great big ideas, but all I could see was a lot of work.  "Why make a handout when they are just going in the trash later?" I thought.  My philosophy then was to do the least amount of work possible and get it over with.  Over lots of time, we were talking about planning a Pioneer Day activity.  The president wanted butter-making, tree stump nailing, washboard washing and foot races (and more) all to be apart of it, not to mention lunch.  I begrudgingly did my part, and we all dressed in our pioneer outfits, and had the activity.  It was amazing.  So much fun and a very memorable occasion for all who attended.  I think it was after that activity that a
light bulb switched on in my head, and I realized:
What is the point of life, if we don't make things special? We are not supposed to just drudge through. Sure, we can endure, like a bump on a log going through the motions, or we can make things memorable, special, and meaningful.  That's what enriches our lives, and through our callings the lives of others.

(when your friend shows up wearing the same outfit as you at the Christmas party)

That's when I started realizing when I transitioned from primary to RS.  I first was on the midweek meeting committee, and we were discussing how to get more ladies out to the midweek meeting.  Part of it was that the "special"ness of the meeting was lacking.  There was maybe one mention of the midweek meeting per month, usually the Sunday right before the Tuesday night meeting.  Our solution started by promoting the heck out of it.  After a couple of months there was a switch up in callings and I found myself as the counselor over Homemaking Relief Society Midweek meetings (I can't stop calling it that:-))

My goal as we plan midweek meetings are to keep them 

Special (Fun)

 Even on the nights we might have a small turn out (esp due to weather),  I'm glad we went through all the effort, because those sisters that came were the ones we were supposed to serve that night, who needed fellowshipping that night (sometimes its me!) and through the midweek committees efforts we are able to provide a special night to give them a rest from their burdens and lift them up:-)

(my favorite sister missionaries helping put together the fudge take home treats)

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