Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Relief Society Christmas Party "Kringle Mingle"

At this christmas party, after a quick prayer with a blessing on the refreshments--

Part 1: We played Name that Tune,  there was a clue that was read, and the ladies got to guess the title of the christmas song, each winner got a small bag of hershey kisses tied up with a ribbon.

Part 2:  We had a reading of 7 characters who were part of the Birth of Jesus' story, the inn keeper, Mary, shepherds, etc.  To be honest, 7 characters were too long, it lasted about 30-40 minutes! If I did it again I would have only picked 3 of the characters to be read, and I assigned one sister per reading, they were around 1-2 pages each.

We had a lot of sisters sign up to bring food.  I printed out 3 copies of this sign up sheet, so I could take one to the primary and YW.

The more spots numbered on the sign up sheet, the more people feel willing to sign up;)  At least that's my philosophy.  Plus there's usually at least one person who signs up and can't end up making it to the activity, so having an abundance avoids having a last minute scramble when someone cancels on refreshments.
<3 these ladies!