Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Midweek Meeting "Testimony Tales"

Testimony Tales got rave reviews from the sisters! One of the best and simplest activities!

The flyer pretty much explains it all. There was no assigned speaker.

 We sat in 2 circles (based on time-- so each sister had 5 minutes) and went around the circle as each sister shared their conversion story.  I really liked having small circles (about 7 in each group) because there was more conversation going on as the smaller groups were more intimate.  (we've done 1 large group another time-- since some sisters felt like they wanted to hear everyone's story-- which was great too-- but I liked the smaller groups because I felt like there was more conversing with each other and more friendship making going on, rather than everyone else be silent while one person had the floor if you know what I mean:-) both ways work great, so I'd say pick what works best for your goals, attendance and timeframe.   I think we had some lemon bars and other goodies for treats, maybe cheesecake?

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