Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Relief Society Christmas Party

The Christmas Party is one of our best attended activities.  

We had it at Susan's house and it was perfect!! Her home was so lovely decorated I couldn't get over it.  There were even motion detector bells that played music as you walked up the front door!

Whenever we have an activity at someone's home, the start time is changed to 7pm-- so it's more convenient for the family that's hosting.  

Around 7:15 many sisters had arrived, so we had a Opening Prayer (blessing the food-- we had a big sign up and sisters brought the refreshments, the committee made punch and provided the paper products).

We had a musical number on the piano with 2 gals singing a beautiful Duet.  Then I announced the craft in the kitchen and wished everyone a Merry Christmas to socialize and make their craft for the rest of the evening.

We made ornaments similar to this:

 It was delightful and christmasy and a wonderful evening! Thanks to Susan and Robert opening their home for everyone!!