6 Steps to Promote Your Midweek Meeting

1. A Good looking Flyer!  --flyers make your event look official. If someone put time into making a flyer, than surely people think you are putting time into the actual activity!
-Flyers get handed out on Sundays, and if you come to the monthly activity, you get first dibs on next months activity flyers!
-I usually print out about 40  4x6 flyers at costco, or sometimes just on a 1/4 sheet of colored paper at home depending on the budget.   I'll usually add the address so the missionaries can hand them out to investigators, or for our friends who aren't members.
-Flyers also get taped up in both of the women's bathroom mirrors, and handed out in a basket that goes around the RS room.  Don't forget to take flyers to the primary and YW leaders.
-I usually make all the flyers for the next 3 activities at once so they are done in one afternoon and I don't have to work on a new one every month.

2. Posters & Hall Display--  I order a 16x20 poster (usually an enlargement of the flyer) at costco for the church foyer.  I priced out making it myself with cut out paper and poster board and stuff and the cost is about the same.  I usually tape it to the same piece of posterboard I got at the dollar store and set it on an easel from the library on a table.

3. Bulletin Boards --I print at home 4- 8x10 posters (enlargement of flyers) and put one in the primary room, YW room, and on the RS bulletin board in the RS room, and one on the RS bulletin board in the hallway.
-the RS hallway bulletin board always has the next 3 months of activities posters lined up so the sisters know what's coming up.

4. Announce in the ward bulletin:  I always email the activity Names and dates and time and place to the lady who does the ward bulletin so at least 2 months of activities are listed in the ward bulletin, so the sisters who don't stay for relief society can still see what is going on.

5.  Personally Announce the Meeting in Primary (at least once a month) & RS EVERY WEEK- its great to have one of the midweek committee members actually go to the primary room and promote the activity.  Even though I may email the primary presidency the activities to announce, the presentation is sometimes lacking as they quickly read through their announcements. Having one of the ladies go down and act very excited and is able to answer questions about the meeting helps spark interest in the sisters.

6.. Very Important--THE RECAP-- We started doing a quick recap about how the last activity went during opening exercises in Relief Society the Sunday after the activity.  I always talk about the fun part--- like "We had so much fun throwing marshmallows at the hot chocolate activity-- Susan was the winner of the marshmallow throwing competition!"  It gets everyone excited and ladies realize the activities actually ARE fun and their interest is sparked about coming to the next one. :-)

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  1. Hi, I'm loving your website. I was wondering what program you use for your fliers. They look great. Thanks!