Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Relief Society Birthday Brunch

March is always the Relief Society Birthday Activity.  We usually do a dinner but this year I talked the RS Pres into letting us do a brunch on Saturday morning.

Can I just say my committee is fantastic?!  Elaine found a great berry french toast recipe, we made 5 pans.  Karen cooked the sausage (well it was from costco the precooked so that was warmed up),  We had a bowl of peaches, pineapple orange juice, tiny quiche from costco & orange slices. Kelly came up with the game & Birthday gift supplies.

(Before it was cooked^^)

Part 1: Eat and Photos
The activity started at 10am, so we had a quick prayer to bless the brunch and get their food, and get their picture taken in the photo booth I put together (I used some stuff from my halloween costume box), and printed out free mustache/lips etc and taped them to skewer sticks I already had in my pantry.  I bought the green backdrop at Michael's, they have large rolls of paper for bulletin boards for about $10. I taped it with packaging tape to the accordion door separating the gym and the chapel.

Then we had 40 minutes to eat and socialize.

I forgot to take a pic of the food table-- oops!

Part 2: Game/Prep
On the table was a multiple choice questionnaire (had about 15-20 questions on it) about the history of Relief Society for the sisters to fill out, which we later played a little jeopardy with.  Before the activity we used magnets to put numbers on the back of some of the chairs, and after we ATE for 40 minutes, at 10:40, we started the Game.  Robin was leading it, asked who had #1 on their chair and they had to answer the question on the questionnaire (with neighbor help if necessary--)  everyone had fun talking about the questions and laughing about some of the funny or unexpected correct answers.

Part 3: Musical Number & 5 min of RS President Closing Remarks (mostly about visiting teaching.)

Then we had a simple but lovely musical number, 3 sisters sang "As Sisters in Zion" and we had the RS President give 5 minutes of closing remarks.

The committee made tiles with the word "sisteRS" on it (get it??) as a birthday gift for each sister to take home.  Kelly found the design and printed them on super thin paper (not vellum).  The we mod-podged it to the tile.

Closing Prayer and Clean up!