3 Part Program

Through trial and error,  I've come up with a fool proof outline for a
simple, fun and spirit filled meeting every month.

It consists of 3 Simple Parts:

Part 1:  The 10 minute Talk  
Any longer than 10 minutes and honestly we feel like we're at church again.   To quote one sister (who will remain nameless SH :-))  "we don't want to sit and be preached at for an hour" lol!
Why only 10 minutes? It's short and sweet and you can invite the spirit in that time to get a lift and have time left for the other important parts of the activity (and usually the sharing time can be spiritual as well:-))

Part 2:  Sharing Time
This isn't primary's sharing time!:-)  One of the most important parts of the meeting I believe is for the sisters to fellowship and friendship one another.  In my ward particularly, there needed to be opportunities to get to know one another, and get to know sisters you wouldn't usually talk to or think you might have something in common with.  When we have sharing time (based on the topic of the night)  we are able to hear from each sister in attendance and get to know each other better.  What did President Hinckley say?? Every (new) member needs a calling, a friend!!  Since we are all sisters in the gospel it's important to feel sisterhood and friendship at church, and that's why I try to provide a time for all the sisters to share!!

Part 3:  GAME
Let's face it, no one is going to come to the activities if they think its going to be boring and not fun.  I find that by doing a Minute to Win It game, it doesn't take very much effort but has a HUGE payoff!  I try to choose games that would be easy for all sisters to participate, that don't require a lot of physical activity, like the throwing marshmallow game, or oreo cookie face, that even our sisters with limited mobility could participate in.

But -- what about refreshments?!!??!??!?
It's worked well in my ward to have a 6:30 Socializing and Refreshment start time (with opening prayer) for ladies who like to arrive early to visit, and then at 7pm we start the program with an opening song.  Of course refreshments are available for the entire activity:-)

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