Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 2014 Relief Society Midweek Activity Grateful Gala

In my ward we  always have refreshments first:-)
The plan for the activity is as follows:

6:30 Bless Refreshments/Socializing
7pm Start Program.

It works out perfectly, since not everyone can make it at 6:30, so the program is at 7pm.  When we used to have refreshments at the end, people would have to leave and miss them, so it just made sense to start them off at the beginning.

at 7pm we have an opening song to start off the program portion of the night.  
Part 1.
10min speaker on the Beattitudes (I think? My memory!)

Part 2.
Each sister was able to share something they were grateful for.

Part 3.  Big craft, decorating the cover of a composition notebook to become a Gratitude Journal.

Closing prayer.

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